Estany de Sils


The Lake of Sils is a protected natural area included in the Plan of Natural Interest of Catalonia (PEIN) and it has been incorporated into the European Network of Natural Areas Natura 2000, which is the core of European policies on biodiversity.

Until the mid-nineteenth century the lands included in this space corresponded to a pond which was totall dried in order to obtain new farmland and fight against malaria. However, thanks to its special conditions of moisture and flooding, there are still remainings of several species of flora and fauna characteristic of wetlands.

In recent centuries, the natural flood areas have declined and are nowadays scarce in Catalonia. In our context, the conservation of Mediterranean areas like Lake if Sils has become, therefore, of the maximum interest.

Il·lustració d'Eduardo Saiz

This website aims to inform about the Lake of Sils and gradually gather as much information available about its history and recent development. There is also information about the environmental awareness activities that are regularly organized.

Navigation is structured through the main menu, which you will find always at the top of the page, and a tag clou, located on the left sidebar. Also left on the label, you can read the latest news.

This website and the Information Center is managed by the Council of Sils in collaboration with the Association Temporània d'Educació Ambiental de la Selva.

The Information Center

Founded in 2004 and located in the building of the railway station, the Information Center of the Lake of Sils is a municipal facility which welcomes and informs the visitors of the Lake of Sils. It has a permanent exhibition on the heritage related to the Lake  of Sils and is the seat of exhibitions, most of which naturalistic themes. It also functions as a tourist information office.

Visit the permanent exhibition online following this link.


Exposició permanent del CIE

The Information Center is located in plaça de l'Estació of Sils (map). It opens every Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10.00 to 14.00. To contact please call 972168285 (if nobody answers, please cal to de Cívic vic Center Sils, 972853913, or the council, to 972168000) or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Estany de Sils


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