Estany de Sils


During your visit to Sils you can enter to the Information Center and take a look to the permanent exhibition, hire tours, hike along several paths and cyle around the pond and beyond. Besides, if you regularly check the News section of this website, you will be aware of the naturalistic and scientific activities that are regularly carried out in order to participate as a volunteer. Dare to discover it!

Visit the Information Center

The Information Center is located in the building of the railway station. Inside you will find a permanent exhibition with information on the natural area and the history of the municipality of Sils. There is also a model of the area and numerousinformation boards with pictures and explanations about the history, evolution and natural heritage of the Pond of Sils. The Information Center is open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10am to 14pm.




Around the Pond of Sils there are several marked paths, which you can follow by foot or bicycle. Along them you will discover the particular ecosystem of the Pond of Sils, its flora and fauna.

Walk around the Pond of Sils

  • Distance: 3.5 km
  • Approximate length: around 45' - 1h. by foot, 30' by bike
  • Difficulty: easy
  • This is a journey to discover the recovered are of the pond. The walk begins at the southern parking of the railway station (the sandy one). Following the signs, it leaves the town towards the neighborhood of the church and, after crossing the bridge over the canal, it goes into the wetland. From this viewpoint it gives you a panoramic view of the pound and surrounding trees and reeds. Later the three observatories more will allow you to observe the aquatic birds. Along the way you will also see aquatic vegetation such as reeds, balcalló and riverside trees. After you will visit the area of the wet meadows (previously regularly cut by scythe). You will return to Sils back on the path along the canal to the starting point of the route.


Old Observatory Route

  • Distance: 5 km
  • Approximate time: around 1h. 45' by foot, 1h. by bike
  • around 45' - 1 hour by foot, 30' by bike
  • Difficulty: easy
  • This route will allow you to discover the different landscapes that make up our country. From the neighborhood of the church, with its old houses and the church of Santa Maria, buy viagra pill continuing through the Mediterranean oak forests, fields and poplar, to wetland vegetation in the recovered area. During this trip you can enjoy the panoramic views offered by the old observatory, which gives you magnificent views over the pond and the temporary floods. This view varies according to rainfall and the extension of the meadows, which are being recovered.


Route along the ponds

  • Distance: 12.2 km
  • Approximate time: around 2h 30' by foot or 1h 20' by bike
  • Difficulty: easy to medium
  • This is a route that skirts around what was formerly the Pond of Sils, before it was dried. You leave the sandy parking of the railway station towards the church neighborhood and the poplar. The route crosses a wetland that combines forest environments with poplar plantations and meadows or pastures, which are home to numerous animal species, including birds. The tour is almost entirely flat and roughly follows the perimeter of the natural area that name.

ApplicationsIf you have iPhone or iPad, you can download the new application, which guides you around the Pond of Sils. It explains you the legend (written since the XVII century) of Mr. Pere Porter, who used the Pond of Sils as a gate towards of hell, thanks to the devil, who helped thim to solve a bureaucratic issue...

Thanks to this application you can explore the landscape and discover the flora and fauna of the pond. The same Pere Porter also will explain the recent history, the drying and the current restoration of the pond, which aims to preserve the ecological values of this protected natural area.

  • Distance: 3.5 km
  • Approximate time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: easy


Estany de Sils


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